Returning products

The Buyer can request the return of purchased products from the online DENTSTORE site in the following situations:

  1. Products are inconsistent with site specifications. If the buyer at the time of receipt of the package appreciates that the product received does not comply with the specifications on the site, we recommend contacting the Seller for clarification of the issues, as according to the Site Terms and Conditions, the description of the products may be incomplete for space and / or information structure may be incomplete for space and / or structure information reasons. If a non-compliance with the specifications specified on the site is found, the Buyer is required to report the non-compliance within 24 hours, with the option of replacing it with another product or for reimbursement of the amount paid in full.
  2. The products were delivered in error by the Seller. In case of delivery of another product or other quantity, you must report the incident to the Seller within 24 hours to resolve the incident. If the product is no longer in stock, the Purchaser may choose to replace it with another product or to reimburse it in full.
  3. The products prove to be inoperable for the first 48 hours after their reception (two business days).The buyer may request this within 48 hours from the date of receipt and may request the return of the product for replacement with a new product. If the product is no longer in stock, the Purchaser may choose to replace it with another product or to reimburse it in full.

Returns of unsealed products are not accepted

Regardless of the situation, the return procedure requires the Buyer to notify the Seller before sending the product via a message describing the cause of the return, sent to the email

When sending the parcel, the Buyer can use the return form.Model form.

Products must be returned in the state they were received, accompanied by all the accessories and documents received when delivering the products.

The return will be declined in the event of product damage or the Seller's finding of their unprofitable status.

The products will be returned via the courier service agreed by the Seller at the work point in Tepes Voda 89, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania.

The buyer can opt for full refund or for replacement with another product. If the replacement with a more expensive product is agreed, the Buyer will pay the price difference, or if the replacement product value will be lower, he will receive the appropriate partial refund. All return and shipping costs will be borne by the Seller.