Filtek Ultimate Flow A1-2g 3M

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Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative - fluid composite for restorations, designed for improved comfort and easier injection


  • Innovative ergonomic syringe design
  • Reduces air bubble formation and material loss - better control
  • Blue cylinder of the syringe indicates remaining material volume - when empty, only the white piston is visible
  • Flexible, elastic cannula, easy to bend for improved access
  • Easy to hold and inject - triangular handle and piston allow for quick and easy customization of grip
  • Excellent adaptation
  • Maintains gloss
  • Wear-resistant
  • Versatile - covers a wide range of techniques and indications

Indications (up to 2mm layers):

  • Base
  • Liner
  • Repair of indirect restorations (minor defects)
  • Fissure and pit sealant
  • Closing of retentive areas
  • Class III
  • Class V
  • Minimally invasive treatments (MIDT) - including minor occlusal restorations, outside of occlusal stress areas
  • Repairs of acrylic temporary works and composite resins


  • Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative - 1 syringe x 2g + 10 applicator tips

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